About us

"ECO-BAZA" Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe of Żagań (with a branch in Dąbrowa Górnicza). We construct and modernise railway infrastructure. We maintain railway permanent way.

Construction and modernisation of railway infrastructure imgWe are a modern and innovative company. We meet high requirements of our customers and investors. We offer customised solutions, competitive prices and top service quality.



The company’s success is established by people. ECO-BAZA is mainly employees: people that are open to knowledge, experienced and perfectly qualified. We provide our employees with relevant professional development conditions.


1. Maintenance, running and major repairs of railway infrastructure

  • construction and modernisation of railway infrastructure
  • maintenance of railway permanent way
  • maintenance and repair of sidings

2. Removal of mining damages in railway infrastructure facilities

3. Reusable materials:

  • rails
  • steel accessories
  • sleepers
  • broken stone


We have a siding adjusted as an assembly and disassembly base for track and turnouts.